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Dollars & Cents offers a sewing kit for $2.59. If the kits cost $19.80 per dozen, find the percent of markup on cost. Round to the nearest tenth of a percent.

Reference no: EM132234830

How long is sharam average collection period

If its average age of inventory is 52 days, how long is its average collection period? If its average payment period is 38 days, what is its cash conversion cycle? How long

Working in the field of international banking

Picture yourself working in the field of international banking and finance and discuss both what excites you the most and what would present the greatest challenges to you p

Accrual basis of accounting

Is generally accepted for external reporting because it is more useful than cash basis for most business decisions.Is flawed because it gives complete information about cash

List advantages and disadvantages of buying or leasing car

How much will you have paid to lease the car for the five-year term? Because the car reverts to the dealer after 5 years, the net ownership cost is the total of all the leas

What is your new expected value of gtt

At the start of the case, each offer has an equal probability of occurring so the expected value of the GTT is $24. After receiving information that GTT will not be $20, wha

Equals the nominal rate minus the inflation rate

The Fisher equation tells us that the real interest rate approximately equals the nominal rate minus the inflation rate. Suppose the inflation rate increases from 3% to 5%.

Discuss the types of consulting company

According on my team member's skills, Discuss the types of consulting company that might use the skills of the team members. The firms I would like you to discuss are HR, fina

What is the npv for the tool investment

Any net operating working capital will be recovered at the end of the project as well as the manufacturing tool can be sold for $50,000. Miracle co. has a 10% WACC and a 40%


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