Find the maximum allowable value of l

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AN L76X76X12.7 angle- section is used as cantilever column of length L. Find the maximum allowable value of L if the column is not to buckle when the 12kN axial load is applied . assume E= 200Gpa.

Reference no: EM131012812

How can the water pressure in a pipe be measured simply

1.How can the water pressure in a pipe be measured simply 2.What force causes the water pressure to fall as it flows along a pipe 3.How do you think the pressure drop will cha

How long does it take to reach an altitude of 3000m

Missiles designed for defense against ballistic missiles haveattained accelerations in excess of 100g's or 100 times theacceleration due to gravity. Suppose that the missile

Determine what is the final pressure in the device

A .2kg mass of argon gas fills a .05m^3 piston-cylinder volume at a pressure of 400 kPa absolute. The piston induced pressure is changed until the volume expands to twice it

What is the toll that should be charged if it is desired to

A toll bridge carries 5000 vehicles per day when the toll is $1.50/vehicle. It is estimated that when the toll is increased by 25 cents, the traffic on the bridge will decline

What is the steady-state concentration of lead

The City of Leadville (dimensions 120 * 120 km ) is characterized by an average daily emission rate of 4700 kg/d of particulate lead into the atmosphere from auto exhaust and

Determine the value of trequired to limit downward

Determine the value of T required to limit the downward acceleration of the carriage to 1.2 m/s2 if the coefficient of friction between the cable and the pegs is 0.20. (Reca

Determine how much he will weigh on the spring scale

An undisturbed chunk of soil has a wet weight of 62 lb and a volume of 0.56 ft3. When dried out in an oven, the soil weighs 50 lb. If the specific gravity of soilds is found t

Determine what was the distance between the markers

A 100 ft cut steel tape was used to measure between two property markers. The rear surveyor held 93 ft, while the head surveyor cut .67ft. What was the distance between the


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