Find the least squares regression line

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SAT versus ACT

The SAT and the ACT are the two major standardized tests that colleges use to evaluate candidates. Most students take just one of these tests. However, some students take both. Consider the scores of 60 students who did this. How can we relate the two tests?

(a) Plot the data with SAT on the x axis and ACT on the y axis. Describe the overall pattern and any unusual observations.

(b) Find the least-squares regression line and draw it on your plot. Give the results of the significance test for the slope.

(c) What is the correlation between the SAT and ACT tests?

Reference no: EM131430214

Why would you hesitate to use a t test for given purpose

Does Verizon appear to give CLEC customers the same level of service as its own customers? Compare the data using graphs and descriptive measures and express your opinion.

The generator will deliver at least how many kilowatts

The power generated by a solar electric generator is normally distributed with mean 15.6 kilowatts and standard deviation of 4.1 kilowatts.- We may be 95% sure that the gene

Explaining relationship between total gross-opening gross

Explain the relationship between total gross and opening gross total gross and number of theatres  total gross and week in top 60.

The purposes of making an informed decision

The admissions office at a Business School for the purposes of making an informed decision whether or not to admit a student wishes to predict a student's performance from t

Find best action to invest in a particular stock

You would like to invest if the price is likely to rise in the long run. You have data on the daily average price of this stock over the past 12 months. Your best action is

Fundamental operations on polynomials

Answer the following questions involving. Find P(-1/2) if P(x) = x4 + 3x2 + 2. Simplify (x2 + y2 + 4z2 + 2xy + 4yz + 4zx) + (x2 + 4y2 + 4z2 - 4xy - 8yz + 4zx)

One-dimensional monatomic harmonic crystal

The one-dimensional monatomic harmonic crystal (section 5.3) is in fact a particular case of the diatom ic model described in section 5.4, for which the two atoms ar

Do you think given would affect ratings of the academics

Suppose you had switched the order of the categories with facilities being rated first. Do you think that would affect the ratings of the academics? How do you suggest the q


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