Find that there are two distinct dna sequences involved

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An individual with a disease demonstrates a set phenotypic presentation, Another individual with the same phenotypic presentation is discovered. When we sequence their genome, we find that there are two distinct DNA sequences involved, both differing from wt, but they are located in the same gene in both individuals. This demonstrates what? a) Allelic heterogeneity b) Locus heterogeneity c) Pleitropy d) Penetrance e) Expressivity

Reference no: EM13141555

In which parent did the nondisjunction occur

A man makes 0 units of an enzyme due to homozygous recessive genes on chromosome 21. His wife makes 100 units of the enzyme due to a heterozygous pair of genes on chromosome

What is the most reasonable candidate for a terminal residue

Shown Below is a helical wheel projection of one of the Alpha helices from human hemoglobin. This is an amphipathic helix with one side polar and exposed to solvent and the

Describe the two key indices that codis relies upon

What is CODIS? List and describe the three-tier structure inherent with CODIS. Describe the two key indices that CODIS relies upon. Which index contains the greatest number of

Determine the frequency of mutant allele in the population

Imagine a population of 12,000 people: 7,000 females and 5,000 males. Syndrome A is an Xlinked recessive disorder. The population contains 134 affected females, 1682 carrier f

What are the physiological challenges an organism

What are the physiological challenges an organism (such as a waterbug) might experience in a freshwater lake of the following conditions: depth of 200 m, water cold (approx

Finding narrow sense heritability

A herd of beef cattle has a mean production of four hundred units. Individuals with mean production of 500 units are allowed to interbreed, and mean of their offspring is 425

Prepare a case study for ophthalmology

Prepare a Case Study for Ophthalmology (The eye) and Otorhinolaryngology (The ear, nose, and throat) Using medical terminology, eponyms, and abbreviations (where appropriate

How do humans interact with your organism

What type of abiotic factors does it need? What type of biotic factors does it need? What biome does it live in? What role does it have in its food web? How do humans interact


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