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A medical researcher wants to examine the relationship of the blood pressure of patients before and after a procedure. She takes a sample of people and measures their blood pressure before undergoing the procedure. Afterwards, she takes the same sample of people and measures their blood pressure again. If the researcher wants to test if the blood pressure measurements after the procedure are different from the blood pressure measurements before the procedure, what will the null and alternative hypotheses be? Treat the differences as (blood pressure after - blood pressure before).

1) HO: μD = 0
HA: μD ≠ 0

2) HO: μD ≤ 0
HA: μD > 0

3) HO: μD ≠ 0
HA: μD = 0

4) HO: μD > 0
HA: μD ≤ 0

5) HO: μD ≥ 0
HA: μD < 0

Reference no: EM1385791

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