Find out largest, smallest, and median values of array c

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Write a complete program to do the following specification:

1. Pickup 10 numbers and store it in an array using function fillArray.
2. Print the content of array with the message "Array not sorted" using printArray function.
3. Copy array a into array b using copyArray(a,b,10) function.
4. Sort array b in ascending order using sortArray(b,10) function.
5. Print array b with message "sorted array" using printArray
6. Pickup 10 numbers and store it in array c.
7. Find largest, smallest, and median values of array c and print them.
8. Print largest number of two arrays a,c and specify which array contains it.
9. Your program should ask for a number and print "YES" if the number is in array a, otherwise print "not found"

Reference no: EM1335324

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