Find mean and standard error of sampling distribution

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An exam consists of 50 multiple choice questions. Based on how much you studied, for any given question, you think you have a probability of 0.67 of getting the correct answer. Consider the sampling distribution of the sample proportion of correct questions out of 50. 

(a) Find the mean and standard error of the sampling distribution of this proportion. 

Mean = (2 decimal places) 

Standard error = (3 decimal places) 

(b) What do you expect for the shape of this sampling distribution? 

a. cannot be determined because p is greater than 0.5

b. approximately normal because the population is normal

c. approximately normal because n is large

d. cannot be determined because n is large

(c) If truly p = 0.67, calculate the probability of getting a sample proportion less than 0.60? (correct answers on less than 60% of the questions)

Probability = (3 decimal places)

Reference no: EM131235982

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