Find logic behind using sum of products of deviation scores

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Why must the scores for each variable be changed into deviation scores in the first step of determining the correlation coefficient? Explain your answer. What is the logic behind using the sum of the products of deviation scores as the numerator of the formula for the correlation coefficient? Is this logic sound?

Reference no: EM13148890

Write the equation of the regression line

Write the equation of the regression line.- Estimate the Nicotine content of cigarettes with 4 milligrams of Tar.- Interpret the meaning of the slope of the regression line in

Estimating probability based on the discrete distribution

The casino game craps is based on rolling two dice. Here is the assignment of probabilities to the sum of numbers on the up face when two dice are rolled:

Probability of getting sample mean height more

The population mean height of a basketball player is 220 cm with a standard deviation of 20 cm. In a sample of 49 basketball players, what is the probability of getting a s

What percentage of alcohol-impaired driving would you use

what percentage of alcohol-impaired driving would you use if you are working for the insurance company and you want to be conservative by using the likely worst case scenari

Operations approach of the maintenance department

1. Is there an alternative to the current operations approach of the maintenance department? 2. How could production make up for lost output resulting from scheduled maintenan

What is the p value associated with test

In a random sample of 10 reduced fat chocolate chip cookies, the sample mean for the number of chocolate chips was 17.6.  Regular chocolate chip cookies have a mean number o

Find population variances from both kinds of digital cameras

Suppose that population variances from both kinds of digital cameras are equal, is there evidence of difference in mean battery life between two kinds of digital cameras.

Observations from exponential population with parameter

In the table below, X1 is a random sample of 20 observations from an exponential population with parameter β = 1.44, so that the median, η = 1. X2 is the same data set plus a


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