Find largest random sample that department will need

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The State Transportation Department is interested in estimating the proportion of vehicle owners that are operating vehicles without the required liability insurance. If they wish to estimate the population proportion within 0.03 and use 95 percent confidence, what is the largest random sample that they will need?

Reference no: EM13155911

Give a scenario (preferably related to your area of expertis

Give a scenario (preferably related to your area of expertise or work experience) in which a judgmental forecasting method would be used.  Which particular judgmental forecast

What is the confidence interval

Assuming random sampling is from a normal distribution with standard deviation σ = 5, if you get a sample mean of X‾ = 45 based on n = 25 subjects, what is the .95 confidence

Approximation to the sampling distribution

If the test contains 250 questions, what is the probability that Julie will score 75% or lower? (Use the normal approximation to the sampling distribution to solve this prob

Derive the variance-covariance matrix

Derive the variance-covariance matrix  for the weighted least squares estimators when the variance-covariance matrix of the observations  where W is given in (11.7) and k is a

Information about statistical analysis

Please give an example on higher wages vs. education level using a sample population of 30 men and women. Compute the measures of central tendency, dispersion, and skew for yo

Estimate mean age of cars driven by students at your college

Estimate the mean age of cars driven by students at your college. Use the range rule of thumb to make a rough estimate of the standard deviation of the ages of cars driven b

Compute the p-value for the test

Problem: For a lottery to be successful, the public must have confidence in its fairness. One of the lotteries in a state is a pick-3 lottery, where 3 random digits are draw

Hypothesis of anova example for statistics students

If you had a research problem appropriate for ANOVA and it was based on the results from three samples, what would be the null hypothesis?


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