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You are a data analyst with John and Sons Company. The company has a large number of manufacturing plants in the United States and overseas. The company plans to open a new manufacturing plant. It has decide whether to open this plant in the United States or overseas.

Whatis an appropriate null hypothesis to compare the quality of the product manufactured in the overseas plants and the U.S. plants? Why? How would you choose an appropriate level of significance for your statistical test? What are the possible outcomes and limitations or your statistical test?

Reference no: EM13124230

Rational-arithmetic package to use generic operations

Modify the rational-arithmetic package to use generic operations, but change make-rat so that it does not attempt to reduce fractions to lowest terms. Test your system by ca

Probability that shoppers will spend less than given value

What is the probability that 19 from a sample of 22 shoppers will spend less than $20? What is the probability that at least 12 but not more than 17 from a sample of 22 shoppe

Find probability that none has lost electricity in household

What is the probability that none of them has lost electricity in his/her household? Assume that their locations are spread out so that loss of electricity is independent am

The government uses tax money

Refer to Exercise 12.103. Those who hate or dislike doing their taxes were asked the reason. The responses are: 1 = Pay too much taxes, 2 = Complicated/too much paperwork, 3

Are events b and c independent

Suppose that after Week 1, the cards that were not drawn as the winning card are retained in the bowl for the drawing in Week 2. Are events B and C independent? Explain.

What is the probability that the cycle time will exceed

From past experiences, it is known that the mean cycle time is 41 minutes with a standard deviation of 13 minutes and that cycle times are normally distributed. What is the

Finding sample standard deviation

Find out sample standard deviation (s) of scores Gordon Golfer made on his last four rounds (determine to the nearest one tenth, or .1).

Potato chips from factory following normal distribution

Suppose that weights of bags of potato chips coming from a factory follow a normal distribution with mean 12.8 ounces and standard deviation .6 ounces.


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