Find a confidence interval for the mean life

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Refer to given Exercise. Assume that each failed item is replaced with an identical unit. Estimate the mean time to failure and the failure rate. Find a 90% confidence interval for the mean time to failure.

A sample of 20 diodes is chosen for life testing. The time to failure of the diodes is exponentially distributed. The test is terminated after six failures, with no replacement of the failed items. The failure times (in hours) of the six diodes are 530, 590, 670, 700, 720, and 780. Estimate the mean time to failure of the diodes as well as the failure rate. Find a 95% confidence interval for the mean life.

Reference no: EM131389871

Participation in a randomized clinical trail

The data is based on 214 children with acute otitis media who participated in a randomized clinical trail each child had OME at the beginning of the study in either one or b

Poisson distribution-confidence interval

The mean number of cargo ships that arrive at a port is 3 per day. The port has staff and facilities to handle up to 6 ships in a day. Using the Poisson distribution, find

Mean and standard deviation of the weights

The weights of dormitory cockroaches follow a normal distribution. 14% of the dormitory cockroaches weigh below 77 grams and 10% of them weigh above 82 grams. Find the mean

Question on sample size estimation

A nutritionist wants to estimate the mean amount of cholesterol in a certain variety of chicken eggs. She wants to be within 14 mg. with 99% confidence.

Define validity and reliability

Define validity and reliability. How can we insure our data is both reliable and valid? Which of these two do you think is the more important?

Knowledge regarding hypothesis testing

An experimental surgical procedure is being studied as an alternative to the old method. Both methods are considered safe. Five surgeons perform the operation on two patient

Find the probabilities for given five intervals

Find the probabilities for these five intervals using Table A. Then compute the expected number for each interval for a sample of 500. Finally, perform the goodness-of-fit t

Explain why an anova was used to analyze this problem

An ANOVA was run and the results are shown below. At the .05 significance level, is there a difference in the mean prices between the three stores? What is the p-value? Expl


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