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Final SLP assignment is going to provide you the opportunity to explore a challenge in the area of logistics. You have now gained an understanding of supply chains and issues that occur within a specific extended set of enterprises. And these enterprises all depend on infrastructure within the US and its cities for logistics and logistical support.

The number 4 challenge on a list of ten, as reported by DC Velocity (, is "The nation's deteriorating infrastructure". Lynch, Clifford. (2010). Top ten logistics challenges for 2011 (and beyond). Retrieved from

The report should thoroughly address these aspects in depth and breadth: Problem: clearly elucidate the problem Assumptions: what are the assumptions about this issue and your critical evaluation Possible Solutions: articulate some solutions Evidence & Explanation: clear reasoning as to why these solutions will work. Elucidate your evidence coherently Clarity & Organization: well-formed sentences and paragraphs, well organized with flow of reason, and good use of language that pertain to concepts and terminology Use of references & Citations: at least five (5) proper references should be used correctly, cited in the text, and listed in the references using an appropriate style; use APA format! Length:

The paper should be three to four pages - the body of the paper excluding title page and references page.

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Reference no: EM13913034

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