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Task #1:

Depending on your school, you may have just one of the following documents or all three - your job is to locate all documents relating to observation and evaluation process.

1. Locate the Board of Education policy concerning faculty and staff evaluation.

2. Locate the evaluation procedures included in the negotiated agreement between the Board of Education and the teachers association/union.

3. Locate all information concerning evaluation included in the faculty procedures handbook regarding evaluation.

4. Summarizein detail the findings from these three sources. Identify your perceived strengths and limitations of these documents from an administrative perspective.

Task #2:

1. Interview a current school administrator from your work site who is actively involved in the evaluation of classroom teachers.

a. What is this person's job title and what does the job description entail in addition to evaluation of faculty and staff.

b. How long has this person been an administrator at this school?

c. What process/procedure does this person utilize when evaluating teachers?

d. Is there a different process for teachers that are on continuing contract (tenure)?

e. What does this person believe is the most difficult aspect of faculty evaluation?

f. What does this person feel is the most gratifying aspect of faculty evaluation?

g. Does this administrator like or dislike the form(s) currently being used in evaluation? Why?

h. How important are relationships in the perception of this administrator in the area of evaluation?

i. How does this administrator define "an excellent" teacher?

j. How does this administrator define "a mediocre" teacher?

k. At what point would this administrator recommend that a teacher be either non-renewed or terminated?

l. Has this person non-renewed or terminated an employee in the last five years? If yes, for what reason(s)? What was the impact of the non-renewal or termination on the rest of the school?

m. What aspects outside of the scope of the lesson are considered when evaluating teachers?

n. Is this administrator involved in hiring new teachers? If yes, what is his/her role?

o. What advice does this administrator have for a new administrator just getting involved in the evaluation process?

2. After completing and writing up this interview, write a paragraph reflecting upon, analyzing, and critiquing what you were told? Do you agree with all of what you were told? Is what the person said actually happening in your school? What BIG IDEAS did you learn about evaluation from this interview?

3. Obtain a copy of the form used for observing teachers and explain this form in one paragraph .

Task #3:

1. Review the process used in YOUR last evaluation as a classroom teacher in this school. The following questions can be used as a guide as you write up your analysis of the evaluation ( paragraph styles)

a. What process was used? Does it match the process spelled out for you by the administrator you interviewed?

b. How did the administrator who evaluated you treat you during the process?

c. In your opinion, how effective was the evaluation process?

d. Did this evaluation help you to become a more effective classroom teacher?

e. How did it help you become more effective?

f. Discuss the timelines used in your evaluation.

g. Was there a pre-conference? When was it held in relation to the actual observation? How soon after the observation was the follow up conference?

h. Was goal setting a part of your evaluation? How were the goals determined? How were the goals monitored? Was a written record kept?

i. How did your evaluator attempt to develop or strengthen your relationship before, during, or after this evaluation?

j. Did the evaluation summary match what was discussed in the follow up conference? Were you satisfied with the final written summary?

k. How do you assess your evaluator's skills in the area of evaluation?

l. How would you make the process more effective?

m. What BIG IDEAS did you learn from this evaluation?

n. If problems were identified in the evaluation, is the teacher offered specific ways and opportunities to improve? How?

2. Write an in-depth analysis of the questions in task #3. Next, reflect upon the process you would utilize as a building principal. Describe in detail including: what questions you would ask in the preconference, what you would look for during the lesson and how you would articulate strengths and weaknesses.

Task #4:

Talk with two other teachers in your building who went through the observation/evaluation process this year. Ask each person the following questions: ( paragraph styles)

a. Did you feel threatened by the evaluation process? Why or why not?

b. Did the process help you to reflect upon ways you might be a more effective teacher? If yes, how? If no, why not?

c. Do you consider this year's evaluation to be a positive professional growth experience? Why or Why not?If you do not receive adequate and clear answers, please feel free to ask follow up questions.

Write a summary of the comments for each individual. Is there a consistent theme? How could this information help the building administrator?

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