Feedback and staffing-key assessment for learning

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Feedback and Staffing: Key Assessment for Learning

Assignment Objectives:

1. Monitor staff and productivity

2. Provide staff feedback

Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to evaluate staff and productivity standards and provide staff feedback.

Assignment Description: As the coding manager, you have just conducted a productivity and accuracy audit of the five coders that report to you. Below are the results of the study


Accuracy Rate

Coder One

45 charts in 8 hours


Coder Two

24 charts in 8 hours


Coder Three

30 charts in 8 hours


Coder Four

50 charts in 8 hours

60 %

Coder Five

10 charts in 8 hours


Your department currently receives on the average 300 charts per day.

Research and locate AHIMA's productivity benchmarking standards.

Your facility compliance guidelines state that coders should maintain at least a 95% accuracy rate. Using the audit results, AHIMA's benchmarking standard, and compliance guidelines, develop feedback for each of the coders. Your feedback to each coder should be positive and comprehensive. Feedback must address at least productivity, accuracy, and suggestions for improvement.

During this process, the department director has asked you to evaluate if you have enough staff to maintain the workload and to make recommendations for a change in staffing if necessary. Develop a proposal for staffing change if necessary.

Parameters: Please prepare a written description of the feedback you would give to each coder, and also make recommendations for any changes in staffing that you would propose. Your proposal for additional staffing does not have to be a separate paper, but can be added to the end of your feedback. Be sure to include a cover page showing your name and course title/number, and cite any references in proper APA style at the end. Minimum length: 2-3 pages.

Reference no: EM131249174

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