Federal courts have exclusive jurisdiction over cases

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1. Federal courts have exclusive jurisdiction over cases involving:

a. divorce

b. adoption

c. copyrights

d. all of the other specific choices are correct

2. Although states are free to develop their own procedural rules, many have adopted:

a. the Civil Court Rules

b. the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure

c. the Official Litigation Rules for Civil Procedure

d. the Civil Litigation Code

3. A writ of certiorari directs a lower court to send up the record of a case for review by the Supreme Court.

True or False

4. The Fifth Amendment includes:

a. the just compensation clause

b. the fair compensation clause

c. the final compensation clause

d. the extra compensation clause

e. the special compensation clause

5. Foreign commerce:

a. may be subject to discriminatory state taxes

b. may not be subject to discriminatory state taxes

c. may only be subject to discriminatory state taxes if it adds jobs to the U.S. job market

d. is heavily regulated by state taxes

Reference no: EM131031624

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