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A new customer who wants to install Windows 8.1 on about 100 computers has contacted you. She tells you that the network uses Windows Server 2012 R2 in a domain configuration, and all new computers should be added as members of the domain. All Windows 8.1 computers should have three applications installed. What are some ques- tions you need to ask this customer before beginning the deployment, and which features of WDS are you likely to use?

Reference no: EM131222076

Performance measures contribute to performance deficiencies

Explain how poorly-designed performance measures can contribute to performance deficiencies.  Can well-designed measures contribute to improving performance?  Explain. What ar

Illustrate what are the spi also cpi

The foreman estimates which the value of the work actually finished is about $162, 000. Illustrate what are the spending also schedule variances for the project. Illustrate

Summarize the main findings of the paper

Summarize the main findings of the paper (you do not need to read the theoretical model section of the paper. In addition, you do not need to read the material contained in th

What is the annual cost of healthcare for all workers

You will have many hats to wear in your job as Big Boss. Managing all expenses is critical to the survival of the enterprise for which you are responsible. What is the annual

What is the maximum number of parts in inventory

A company can produce a part it uses in an assembly operation at the rate of $50 an hour. The company operates 8 hours a day, 300 days a year. Daily usage of the part is 300 p

Use access to implement your database design

Use Access to implement your database design. Create the tables and add sample data. Create a data entry form shows teams and the equipment they have checked out. Verify that

Long-term consequences of enrons actions

By now, you should be very familiar with the Enron case. In the Module 4 SLP, we will evaluate the Enron debacle in the context of Corporate Social Responsibility. Specificall

Communications between employees and customer

As manager of a customer service center, you want to help improve communications between employees and customer. In this assignment, compose an email to be sent to all CSR (cu


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