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- Identify at least two (2) advantages to using OOP as compared to using only PP.

- Create one (1) original example of a class with at least one (1) attribute and one (1) method. Identify what the class in question represents, the attributes the class stores, and the purpose of the related method. Next, examine the relationship between the class, attributes, and methods that you have identified.

- Describe at least one (1) feature of object-oriented programming that Visual Logic lacks.

- Identify at least one (1) advantage to using event-driven programming, as compared to using purely procedural programming.

- Identify at least two (2) disadvantages to using OOP as compared to using only PP

Reference no: EM131311658

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how would you conduct a team orientation meeting if not face-to-face? Describe the challenges of not conducting the meeting face-to-face-Describe how you would overcome the c


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