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1. Which of Henri? Fayol's principles does the matrix structure infringe? upon?

A. Authority

B. Division of work

C. Unity of direction

D. Centralization

E. Unity of command

2. Toyota emphasizes constant? training, action-learning,? coaching, and? mentoring, which has fostered a culture of continuous improvement and relentless reflection. Which of the following best describes the organizational design of? Toyota?

A. Network organization

B. Virtual organization

C. Learning organization

D. Project structure

E. Team structure

3. Rather than having new product concepts pass sequentially from sales to engineering to purchasing to? manufacturing, DAC Enterprises uses new product development teams consisting of members from? sales, engineering,? purchasing, accounting,? manufacturing, and quality. These members develop new products? collaboratively, rather than? sequentially, resulting in faster product development cycles and more creative products. This is an example of? ______.

A. a virtual organization

B. a community of practice

C. open innovation

D. a strategic partnership

E. a? cross-functional team

4. All of the following are potential benefits of working collaboratively within an organization EXCEPT? ________.

A. enhanced ability to address complex problems

B. greater innovative output

C. different views and competing goals

D. sharing of information and best practices

E. increased communication and coordination

5. When Coffman Industries was preparing to renovate its? offices, managers assembled a group of employees from a variety of departments to gather their inputs on?furnishings, floor? coverings, paint, and the renovation schedule. This group is an example of? a(n) _______.

A. self-managed work team

B. strategic partnership

C. cross-functional team

D. ad hoc committee

E. community of practice

6. Electrical engineers at? Konoco's various worldwide divisions have established a network within which they share common? interests, knowledge, and experiences. For?example, an engineer might share a problem she has? encountered, hoping that someone within the organization may be able to lend insight into how to solve it. This is an example of? _______.

A. open innovation

B. a? self-managed work team

C. a? cross-functional team

D. a community of practice

E. a strategic partnership

7. At a small law? firm, administrative employees can vary their working hours as long as each person works 40 hours per week and is in the office between? 10:00 a.m. and? 3:00 p.m. One secretary works from? 7:00 a.m. to? 3:00 p.m.; another works from? 10:00 a.m. until? 6:00 p.m. This is an example of? _______.

A. flextime

B. contingent workers

C. job sharing

D. a compressed workweek

E. telecommuting

8. Alison is a customer service representative for a company that sells and distributes? high-end cookware. She works from home using a phone line that is dedicated to answering customer calls. Allison must be available to answer incoming calls during normal business hours because customers think they are calling the? company's office. This is an example of? _______.

A. flextime

B. a contingent worker

C. a compressed workweek

D. telecommuting

E. job sharing

9. After her daughter was? born, Janet was able to work out an alternative arrangement with her employer so that she could spend more time at home. She works? Monday, Tuesday, and a? half-day on Wednesday. Another employee performs? Janet's job during the remainder of the week. This is an example of? _______.

A. job sharing

B. a compressed workweek

C. a contingent worker

D. flextime

E. telecommuting

10. Art works from? 7:00 a.m. until? 5:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday. He still clocks 40 hours on the? job, but he gets to enjoy? three-day weekends. This arrangement is known as? _______.

A. a compressed workweek

B. telecommuting

C. job sharing

D. flextime

E. flexplacing

11. Tony works as a project manager for software installations. He is a freelancer and works for a company only until the installation is complete and then moves on to another installation. Which term best describes this? arrangement?

A. Job sharing

B. Contingent worker

C. Flextime

D. Telecommuting

E. A compressed workweek

12. A manufacturer of luxury handbags and luggage does not hire any permanent employees in its distribution facilities. Workers are hired as temporary? workers, subject to demand for their services. The company pays no Social? Security, Medicare, or unemployment insurance taxes on these employees. Which term best describes this work? arrangement?

A. Contingent workers

B. Job sharing

C. A compressed workweek

D. Telecommuting

E. Flextime

Reference no: EM13902277

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