Fact sheet about the destination and international tourism

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Prepare a two-page Fact Sheet which presents key details about the destination and international tourism.


Identify the destination for International Tourism Systems.

Use information sources (online or hard copy) to prepare a two-page Fact Sheet explaining:

Number of international visitors and visitor origin.

The type of accommodation options available at the destination.

The economic impact on GDP from tourism at the destination?

Several key tourism attractions at the destination.

Once information has been gathered, prepare the Fact Sheet including two relevant graphs or tables (maximum of 2 created by you using several other sources) to outline international tourism at the destination.

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The current report is about Hungary and its tourism industry. Discussion given about prominence of the locations and the tourism features. References given.

Reference no: EM132280014

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This is to be original work which includes analysis and presentation of information gathered from several sources. Directly copied information (like copied graphs or tables) will not be accepted. Marking criteria Logical argument (3 marks) Presentation and discussion of facts (10 marks) Information sources identified (2 marks) Clarity of expression (5 mark) Total (20 marks)

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