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1. Consider how the external environment applies to Southwest Airlines. Using examples in the text or from your own research, define the external environment as it applies to Southwest Airlines. What are the unique aspects of the external environment for Southwest Airlines? Identify a strategic group the organization may belong to. What are other organizations in that group?

2. Review an article "Debating Quantitative Impact vs. Qualitative Impact," and provide an example where quantitative risk analysis is beneficial for an organization and an example where qualitative risk analysis is beneficial for an organization. In your opinion, which has greater impact on a company? Justify your ideas using specific reasons, facts, and examples.

Reference no: EM132183902

Determine the total costs of ordering and holding inventory

Refer to Problem 6 above and determine the total costs of ordering and holding inventory for the year. Suppose the company currently orders paper once every four weeks, how mu

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Apple is the company I've chosen. I need help with the following question: Construct a Competitive Pro?le Matrix (CPM) for Apple. ?Is it possible for all of a country’s resour

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Why is user resistance, particularly from physicians and nurses, often considered as the greatest obstacle to successfully implementing patient-centric management systems? Wha

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Assignment Objectives: Be able to create the team charter and work plan and gain an understanding for the six key team processes of high performing teams. Students should gain

Most powerful emblem for the transformations

George Ritzer notes that William Kowinski chooses the mall as the most powerful emblem for the transformations of American society, in that it embodies the best and worst of A

Write a summary that describes the website information

learning objectives for this module. Then write a summary describing how the website provided you with information for your game plan to obtain your management position.Form

Difference between a product line and a product mix

What is the difference between a product line and a product mix? Pick a national company (Nike, Proctor & Gamble, Chevrolet etc.) and describe both their product line and prod

What is the average service rate per minute

The Madrid Mist outlet store at Chiswell Mills sells discount luggage and does most of its daily business in the evening between the hours of 6 and 9 p.m. What is the average


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