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You've been hired by Company X to build a web site which will include a data-driven component. Describe how you would go about choosing which server-side scripting language and database you would recommend to the management of Company X for this project.

Reference no: EM1330588

Define how to use css

CSS is a very powerful tool for changing the way a webpage is displayed. It is too flexible and allows the designer to deliver HTML code to many devices without changing the

Why the whodunit system design had a great start

The Whodunit system design had a great start, and providing more detail is the next appropriate step in the design process. Collaboration diagrams help give this additional

Explain removing zoogloea from wastewater

Removing Zoogloea From Wastewater, Problem statement: A 1 million gallon per day biological wastewater treatment system received influent wastewater containing high concentr

Which of the given is true for friendly urls

cis407a- Which of the following is true for friendly URLs? Master page events are like content page events, but the master page events occur _____ the content page events.

Write down a class grade with a method getnumericgrade

note down  a Java program that translates a letter grade into a number grade. Letter grades are A B C D F, possibly followed by + or -. Their numeric values are 4, 3, 2, 1,

How we can implement a cardiac machine simulator in c++

Keep track of the bug location; which could be an index into the memory array. Watch out for cells 0 and 99; they are special. Read the input tape from a file that starts with

Html and javascript

Write down the HTML and JavaScript: A 3x3 2D array: Arrays can have anything, even other arrays. In the JavaScript, 2D arrays are assigned with the single array, where ea

Give a very small vb programing example of encapsulation

make a ""very small"" VB programing example of Encapsulation having two classes with a definition. Use VB code2003 to demonstrate. Please use new cars as this exapmle. Thank


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