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Main themes for Annotated Bibliography:

Main themes: Uncertainty and risk Rare events High-stakes decision making Key concepts and themes: States of knowledge Risk and risk assessment matrices Decision trees Black Swan theory.

Main themes: Decision theory Exploration of the components of a decision Key concepts and terms: The ‘who, why, how, what and where' of a decision Rational decision theory Bounded rational decision theory Incremental decision theory Garbage-can decision theory.

You can select any one, and journal article should be A+ rated for annotation.

Assignment: Group and Personal Reflection

There are two related tasks, namely (i) the group will develop an annotated bibliography of a stated number of academic journals upon a theme identified by the lecturer; and (ii) each individual will complete a reflective essay on their decision making experience in executing this group task. Instructions for both are set out below:

Group Annotated Bibliography

In student groups of three that have been approved by the course coordinator, each student group will be allocated a 'decision-making theme' by the course coordinator upon which the group must complete their annotated bibliography.

Once allocated a theme, the student group must identify a discrete area of focus within that theme and will engage in research to identify three quality scholarly journal articles that provide different perspectives on it. Students will critically analyse these articles and present their findings using the supplied annotated bibliography template template.

An introduction and conclusion to the annotations is required so that the final document that is submitted is an integrated document comprising an introduction, three annotated bibliographies and a conclusion.

In completing this assignment, each group will need to research widely and analyse a range of articles and then reduce the number to three, based on which combination of articles provides the most coherent 'fit' with each other and which best meets the requirements of the assessment task.

Each group shall nominate a group leader, with responsibility for being the only member of the group to submit the assignment to turnitin for checking and for final submission. That member must also email a copy of the chosen articles to the course coordinator at the time of submission (do not submit the articles through turnitin).

The completed assignment will include:

1. An introduction/conclusion not exceeding a total of 1000 words;

2. Three completed annotated bibliography templates, each of which will comprise approximately 1000 words each; and

3. List of references.

Personal Reflection

As each student group is completing the annotated bibliography assignment, they will have to engage in active group work and make many decisions on what needs to be done, when it needs to be done, how it should be done, who should do it and why certain tasks need to be done. Decisions about roles to be assigned to different members and how the group is to operate and what should occur if disputes or concerns arise.

The reflective journal will act as a contemporaneous record of each student's personal experience and this will help them complete a reflective essay (of 1500 words) on their group decision making experience, to be submitted individually via the turnitin portal.

Skills Workshops

For both the annotated bibliography task; the personal journal task; and the reflective essay task, skills workshops will be given as part of the weekly program

Assessment Criteria for Annotated Bibliography

1. Quality research and selection of relevant scholarly journal articles

2. Critical analysis, synthesis and summary writing of the selected scholarly journal articles (the 'article summary' section)

3. Critical analysis, synthesis and evaluation of the selected scholarly journal articles (the 'critical insight' section) and the integration of the introduction and conclusion sections to the annotated bibliography

4. Correct and complete structure relevant to the annotated bibliography template, effective use of English grammar and syntax and academic referencing (compliant with APA 6th edn style).

Assessment Criteria for Personal Reflection

1. Clear identification of issues and well researched and analysed literature relevant to the personal and group decision making situation

2. Effective synthesis and application of the analysed literature in the personal evaluation of the personal and group decision making

3. Personal reflection, informed by professional reflective practice and other theory, on how the issue could have been addressed differently

4. Correct structure, effective use of English grammar and syntax, and academic referencing (compliant with APA 6th edn style).

Reference no: EM131143916

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