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Although Diana’s Design to Dine Caterers concentrates on weddings, she also exploits other opportunities by catering for other functions. This is an example of how Diana displays her _______.

1) willingness to take calculated risks

2) creativity and innovative ability

3) involvement in the business

4) ability to manage her own business

2. Which one of the following is NOT a factor that forms public opinion?

1) Communication

2) Reception and atmosphere

3) Community involvement

4) Previous experience

3. Given your assessment of the institutional structure of India and China, evaluate the relative attractiveness of the markets for each country:

1) domestic entrepreneurs

2) multinational companies

3) international investors

4. Diana registered her enterprise as a close corporation, which indicates that she operates as a/an _______ enterprise. A disadvantage of such an enterprise is that she _______.

1) informal; does not have to keep financial records

2) formal; has to pay tax

3) formal; has easier access to finance

4) informal; does not need to have recognised business premises

Reference no: EM132191014

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