Explanation of hypothesis testing of population proportion

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By using the Traditional Method and Z test value, find the following:

The researcher estimated that out of the 100 students at least 50% of the students would be exposed to movies and TV w/ crude humor at least 2-4 times per week. With a sample of 50 students the researcher found that 57% of the students were exposed to crude media at least 2-4 times per week.

The Null Hypothesis: Mu = .50 (claim)

The other hypothesis: mu does not equal 50

Reference no: EM13109846

Test all possible comparisons with a wilcoxon wilcox test

The groups worked on various projects for a week. Measures of each child's personal satisfaction were taken and pooled to give a score for each child. The data are presented

Number of swimmers per day who require lifeguard

At a national seashore, the number of swimmers per day who require lifeguard assistance averages 4.1, on any day when 7 or more swimmers are assisted, the lifeguards receive

Calculate r between systolic and diastolic blood pressure

When a regression model is nonlinear or the error terms are not normally distributed, the standard hypothesis testing methods and confidence inter- vals do not apply. Howeve

Relative size of the coefficients

In multiple regression, the relative size of the coefficients is not important. For example, your company may have a nationwide hiring program that focuses on hiring employe

Group of university of massachusetts sociologists

According to a study published by a group of University of Massachusetts sociologists, approximately 60% of the Valium users in the state of Massachusetts first took Valium

A liquid-level control system

where T - 50 ms. Design a compensator so that Mpω does not exceed 3.5 dB and ωr is approximately 1.4 rad/s. Predict the overshoot and settling time (with a 2% criterion) of

Developed the following demand forecast for the pitbull

Mutts Amazing Dogs has developed the following demand forecast for The Pitbull, a spicy concoction graced by pepper jack cheese, serrano, habanero, poblano and jalapeno pepp

One-year return of common biotechnology stock

Assume that the annual rate of return for a common biotechnology stock is normally distributed with a mean of 5.5% and a standard deviation of 6%.


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