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The left spine of the binary tree is a path starting at root and following only left-child pointers down to a leaf. State the expected number of nodes in left spine of an n-node treap.

a) What is the expected number of leaves in an n-node treap?

b) Prove that expected number of the proper descendants of any node in the treap is exactly equal to expected depth of that node.

Reference no: EM1318107

Program meeting the least program requirements

Incorporate ADO.NET access to at least three Microsoft Access data tables. These tables must include Customers, Products (the kinds of products offered, cost, sales price, a

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If the computers of organization are to old, the database management system might not be installed in the organization and will not run properly or sometimes not at all. Thi

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How many total ip hosts did zenmap find on the network

Based on your interpretation of the Intense Scan, describe the purpose/results of each tests script performed during the report. How many total IP hosts did Zenmap find on t

Changing the web-based email system

Explain an example of an email message which you could transmit to the user of this Web-based email system and that could enable you to read all of that users email.

Solve the problem using the basic hill-climbing approach

Solve the problem using the basic hill-climbing approach, Keep track of time taken, the percentage of problems you can solve and the percentage of problems you cannot solve,


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