Explain why photosynthesis is important for plants

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Explain why photosynthesis is important for plants. (ie what is produced by photosynthesis that ALL living organisms need?)

Live oaks are a common tree in the southeastern United States. Their life begins as a small seed (commonly known as an acorn). After germination the tree begins to grow resulting in an adult tree that can weigh several tons. Where do you think the mass of a tree comes from? (for this question only use your prior knowledge, don't use any outside resources)

Provide a possible experimental design to determine if light intensity affects the rate of photosynthesis in plants. Be sure to include independent variable, dependent variable, control and negative control (if applicable).

If leaf disk were placed in two different beakers, one with salt water (NaCl) solution and the other with sodium bicarbonate solutions (NaCO3), which one would be able to undergo photosynthesis and why?

Reference no: EM132279966

Define and differentiate between scientific methods

Define and differentiate between scientific method, hypothesis, prediction, observation, experiment, controls, conclusion, theory. Understand the nature of scientific knowledg

How many micrograms of dna will you need for transposition

What if you were using a plasmid that was 10 kb in size. You still want to use .05 pmoles of your target DNA. How many micrograms of DNA will you need for the transposition

Detergent act as a cleanning agent on a molecular level

Explain how detergent act as a cleanning agent on a molecular level.(consider structure of molecule) How does a Lithium atom and Chlorine aton react with each other? What is t

Describe the organization

Describe the organization, its target market, its positioning and its current competitive situation. Also discuss the products that it produces (NOTE: If the company is very l

Perform a chi-square analysis to demonstrate

Cross was made between two strains of plants that are agriculturally important, one strain was disease resistant but herbicide sensitive, the other strain was disease sensit

Which leaf-eating insects are consumed by fish

Angel is a biologist studying Lake Ecosystem in which leaf-eating insects are consumed by fish, which are consumed by snakes, which are consumed by hawks. In this case, how wo

Covalent bond and an ionic bond

2. Explain the process of cell division in animals. Include a description of interphase, mitosis and cytokinesis. 3. How is natural selection and genetics intertwined? 4. What

Examine the nature of water

Examine the nature of water and how its unique chemical properties impact water regulations in plants. Elucidate the structure and function of the leaf to water regulation.


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