Explain why photosynthesis is important for plants

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Explain why photosynthesis is important for plants. (ie what is produced by photosynthesis that ALL living organisms need?)

Live oaks are a common tree in the southeastern United States. Their life begins as a small seed (commonly known as an acorn). After germination the tree begins to grow resulting in an adult tree that can weigh several tons. Where do you think the mass of a tree comes from? (for this question only use your prior knowledge, don't use any outside resources)

Provide a possible experimental design to determine if light intensity affects the rate of photosynthesis in plants. Be sure to include independent variable, dependent variable, control and negative control (if applicable).

If leaf disk were placed in two different beakers, one with salt water (NaCl) solution and the other with sodium bicarbonate solutions (NaCO3), which one would be able to undergo photosynthesis and why?

Reference no: EM132279966

What are some events that facilitate rapid evolution

Explain the concepts of phyletic gradualism and punctuated equilibrium. What are some presumptions about fossil records related to PE? What are some events that facilitate rap

Describe how given organ form supports its function

Pick a specific organ or structure from the systems covered this week.(skin) Describe how its form supports its function. Be prepared to discuss the relationship of form and

What kinds of proteins or organelles need to be summoned

Describe what kind of changes need to occur in the motor neuron and its target muscle in order for a synapse to form. What kinds of proteins/organelles need to be summoned t

Question about olfactory receptor gene

Each olfactory receptor gene is involved in detecting specific odors. However, humans are losing OR genes, while mice and other mammals have ~1500 such genes, humans have ~900

What is the role of each in your immune system

The proper functioning of your immune system depends on two processes termed clonal deletion and clonal selection. What do these terms mean, how do these processes work, and

Sam complex-beta-barrel proteins in mitochondrial membranes

Explain the relation of the SAM complex and Beta-Barrel proteins in mitochondrial membranes. Please be as detailed as possible, and use specific examples of procedures that

Calculate the amount of fructose phosphate formed

calculate the amount of fructose 6 phosphate formed from glucose 6 phosphate in a 10 milliliter incubation system if 0.5M G6P is incubated overnite at 25oC and the equilibri

What are the characteristics of the dna code

1. What are the characteristics of the DNA code? 2. What is an example of chromosomal abnormalities that are associated with nondisjunction in the sex chromosomes? Describe


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