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Suppose you want to start an import and export business in UAE. There are a number of procedures, rules and regulations involved in setting up this business. These procedures are different for companies registered in free zones/non-free zones. Please select a business/product and prepare a case study of setting up the business of import and export of that product. The study should include the following information.

1. Introduction of the company and why the particular business/product is selected.
2. What are the procedures, rules and regulations to set-up that company in Free Zones.
3. What are the main differences if the business is setup in non-free zones.
4. What type of problems can be encountered in setting up the company?
5. How to address these issues.
6. If you are non-Emirati, what other rules/procedures will be applied.
7. What logistic issues can be encountered?
8. What are the procedures in other GCC countries, particularly deal with the same business/product.
9. What are the procedures, rules, regulations in setting up business in Singapore?
10. What recommendations you suggest on the basis of your case study to further facilitate the process.

Reference no: EM131187060

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