Explain validity questions of entrepreneurship

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Explain Validity Questions of Entrepreneurship

Suppose you came across an article in a magazine with the following title: "First-Borns Make the Best Entrepreneurs." Reading the article, you discover that it contends that entrepreneurs who are the oldest child in their family are more successful than ones who are the second or third born. What questions should you ask yourself about how the information was obtained in order to decide whether to view it was accurate or valid? List a minimum of 4 questions and what relevance they have

Reference no: EM1338361

Discuss why the two methods result in different results

Explain which of the two options below results in a lower balance after 6 months on an investment of $6,000. •Annual simple interest of 12% applied at the end of 6 months. •A

Describe how it is used to test a product or service

There are three major areas of market testing - pseudo sale, controlled sale, and full sale. describe how it is (or would be) used to test a product or service. Provide a rea

Self-leadership provides an opportunity to achieve

Self-leadership provides an opportunity to achieve your objectives through your own thinking, feelings, and behaviors. self-reflection is a necessary tool to improve the way y

Climate for advertising

What is your interpretation of the term "climate for advertising"? What factors cause the climate for advertising to differ among countries? Select one foreign country and exp

How does maslow theory help marketers

Abraham Maslow sought to explain why people are driven by particular needs at particular times. How does Maslow's theory help marketers? How might you use Maslow's hierarchy

Plot the company value proposition on a value curve

Drawing mainly on the techniques of the value proposition and value curve innovation, identify the following questions: Plot the company's value proposition on a value curve

Discuss the concept of reliability

Discuss the concept of reliability. In your opinion, would the amounts reported by U.S. companies for property, plant, and equipment be more or less reliable than the curren

What is the potential impact of such actions

Using social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter and any other sources identify other examples of consumers using such media to run campaigns that have impacted on the


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