Explain three advantages of using siem systems

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Discussion: "SIEM"

Please respond to the following:

In your own words: provide and explain 3 advantages and 3 disadvantages of using SIEM systems for security in business environments. Do you consider SIEM systems sufficient for information assurance? Explain why or why not.

Which part of information assurance is the most critical: privacy, regulatory and standards compliance, auditing, business continuity, or disaster recovery? Explain why in your own words.

Reference no: EM131418722

Evaluation of vpn business sites using cisco devices

Prepare a technical plan for your chosen case study - Write down all the security and business objectives required based on give case study - The case studies focus on the des

An instance of a situation where a trigger would appropriate

What are triggers used for, and why are they important in database systems? give an example of a situation where a trigger would be appropriate. What would the implementatio

Entity-relationship diagrams

The process of starting with the world objects and modelling utilizing the entity-relationship diagrams is known to as a top-down process.

Compare and contrast two network operating systems

Why these would be appropriate for a client - in helping them make the best decision for their organization - as they would like to have a networking system which links the

Regulating the content of internet

Specify to what extent there should be regulation of the content on the Internet, if at all? State the factors and principles the federal government must take into account w

Developing the java program

Create a block utilizing a loop which will calculate the number of items which can be purchased on the basis of price of the item and total amount available to spend.

Implement a dynamic array

In this assignment, you will implement a dynamic array. Dynamic arrays provide all the advantages of static arrays--random access, sequential access, compactness-plus the ca

Create web page that display student individual timetable

Create a web page that will display a student's individual timetable using the sample timetable data (contained in sample.js).  The user view could be in the form of a "week


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