Explain the terms comply or explain and comply or else

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Explain the terms “comply or explain” and “comply or else”. In your opinion, is there too much latitude in 'comply or explain'? On the other hand, is 'comply or else' too restrictive? In which case is there a greater likelihood for unethical conduct, and would that therefore justify more use of the other? Discuss

Reference no: EM131150516

Explain an ethical or social responsibility issue

The Research Paper will involve outside reading on an ethical or social responsibility issue related to the aviation, aerospace, or airport industries. Outside sources of in

Percentage of the financial records of carter health system

A fire destroyed a large percentage of the financial records of the Carter Health System. You have the task of piecing together information to prepare a financial report. You

Determine the optimal price for this new xphone

Consider the following situation: the demand for the new XPhone (which can be considered to operate in a monopoly upon introduction) is given by 20,000 – 15p per day. The cost

Merge with continuum from strategic perspective

From the book "Strategic Management of Health Care Organizations, 6th or 7th Ed, Swayne, Duncan, Ginter (Jossey Bass) read Chapter 6, consider the growth strategy - mergers an

Egotiation successful demonstrate your knowledge

Describe one tactic each for the following points that you can use to make your negotiation successful Demonstrate your knowledge of the cultural differences between you and y

Why is it important to have knowledge about the organization

In order to access power in organizations, you must possess knowledge. There are two types of knowledge: technical knowledge about the work process, and knowledge of the or

Chance of succeeding in generating additional revenue

What are at least five new product ideas that could really increase new revenue for Wendy's Fast Food Restaurant? Out of the ideas you list which one do you think would really

Philosophy behind product safety laws

True or false: The philosophy behind product safety laws is to reward the originator of a new invention, book, musical record, clothes design, restaurant chain, and the like,


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