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Kindly note that we will be considering Green2U as the organization for this study, given in the scenario. Accordingly, to prepare the 9-18 slides PPT, we will need at least 1250 words in addition apart from 4000 words for the written section.Scenario

Green2U are a small Hong Kong-based electrical engineering firm who specialise in climate control in the home, selling environmentally friendly, efficient electronic devices to ensure maximum efficiency to the home user. They have a range of devices which, for example, control the heating & lighting of the home remotely & room management systems which control the temperature of each room from a central unit adjustable by the homeowner.

They have expert fitters, who are uniquely, both skilled as plumbers & electricians & so can ensure, for example, when fitting new heating & lighting systems that all efficiency measures are taken care of at the same time as installation - a one stop shop. They are unique in this sense & have patents pending on some of the technology they employ. Additionally, no one else in the market offers such a wide range of home-control devices domestically.

The firm are now keen to expand into the business market selling their systems & services into public & private sector organisations & are also keen to explore the possibilities of starting to operate their services across Asia. Taking the role as a small business adviser to this growing small business you are asked to prepare a paper to advise them on how to expand their business from a sales management point of view.

Consider the following tasks in light of Hong Kong's living and business environment.

PART ONE (Briefing Paper)

Task One

Explain the 'AIDA' concept & how the sales team can help support other elements of the promotional mix in moving potential clients through this process.

Task Two:

Compare the differences between buyer behaviour in the B2B market and the consumer market in terms of customer decision making units & decision making processes highlighting any key differences for the sales team to be aware of when selling a product such as this to different audiences.

Task Three:

Explain the role of a sales force in the success of the business, including an analysis of the sales team's contribution to the overall marketing and sales strategy in line with the corporate objectives of the firm. Within your response you must state two corporate objectives in order to explain the potential contribution made by an effective sales force.


Please prepare a PowerPoint presentation for the newly appointed sales team and the sales manager of the firm.

Section One (suggested 5-7 slides plus explanatory notes) - Construct a sales presentation through which you can illustrate the principles & best practice of the selling process to demonstrate to the newly appointed sales team how to sell the product

Section Two (suggested 4-6 slides plus explanatory notes) - you must explain the methods of organising and controlling a sales force in line with corporate objectives.

AND explain the role customer database management has to play in effective sales management and in the meeting of corporate objectives.


In terms of recruiting the right people to the sales team, explain the importance of recruitment and selection procedures and provide an evaluation of how, following appointment, an individual might be motivated through monetary reward & other methods to achieve target whilst working for the organisation (including the role of training in this respect).


Task One

The firm wants to work on selling abroad. Develop a sales plan for the firm in entering foreign markets. What sales channels would you recommend here? Included in this, you must investigate some of the opportunities and limitations for selling abroad via the use of foreign-based sales agents or the establishment of a foreign-based sales team ran by the firm from Hong Kong.

Task Two

Finally, investigate the opportunities presented by exhibitions & trade fairs for the firm as part of its promotional strategy in moving operations into the international market.


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The model of AIDA is a method that advertisers or sales marketing team use for describing the various customer engagement stages with an advertisement. The full form of AIDA is attention, interest, desire and action. It is mostly used when marketing a product and advertising it and helps the managers of marketing to develop strategies of effective communication and to bring forward an effective manner to communicate with the customers in a manner that properly responds with the needs and desires. The concepts of AIDA represent uniquely the 4 aims of promotion with regard to attention, interest, desire and action of the customers being attracted in relation to the promotion mix wherein they serve as a successive aim that the mix can have its aim on. An example can be quoted here with regard to promotion mix.

The first element of promotional mix is to attract the attention of the customers. After Green2U is able to gain their attention, it is essential that the company arouses product based interest. From this interest, the customer should further be able to desire for that product(Nicholson et al, 2009). This desire then starts to take action of actually buying it. It is possible for promotion mix to work combined with the AIDA elements through target on specific sequence phases. This can further be used by Green2U in order to use the AIDA concept in collaboration and integration with promotion mix to attract more customers in the new market. A major role will be played by the sales promotion team. The promotion mix can be reached to some audience to affect the buyer’s behaviour with the marketing communications such as:

• Information promotion explains that how good, new features or products of Green2U and also builds a good in band or company’s image.
• Persuasive promotion encourages buyer choosing our brand instead and influences to buy it immediately or call back us.

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