Explain the process of identifying ergonomic problems

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(a) Ergonomics is the study of work in relation to the physical environment in which it is performed. Describe, in detail, how you would assess and control the visual environment in order to enhance productivity at a workplace.

(b) What do you understand by the term "anthropometry"? In what ways can anthropometric data be used at the workplace for the design of the height of a work surface to ensure a comfortable and safe posture?

(c) Critically discuss the health effects on a worker who is required to perform work on a shift system and how could these health effects be prevented.


(a) Describe, in detail, the practical measures that can be taken to ensure that machines are operated safely in a place of work

(b) Explain how controls and warning signs can be utilized to reduce the risk of any accident during the operation of such machinery


(a) Explain the process of identifying ergonomic problems in a textile factory

(b) Describe a good handling technique that can be adopted by a worker who is required to lift or move loads exceeding 20 kg repetitively in the normal course of his work inside the factory.

(c) Describe the main elements of an effective ergonomic program which can be implemented in the factory


(a) Critically discuss the ergonomic factors which should be considered for the design of hand tools

(b) Describe the steps which should be taken to conduct a Job Safety Analysis for a worker who is required to lay block work in a construction site

Reference no: EM132403

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