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1. What are the common characteristics of all companies? Can a manager have operation responsibilities? explain. What are three characteristics that a manager must have to be successful in today's ever changing world? Give an example of each.
2. Explain the "hierarchy of managers." Explain the roles of each of the three levels.
3.What are some of the Managerial implications of the "global village?" With regards to large organizations, what is the significanca between a multi-national corporation and a trans-national corporation?

Reference no: EM13109533

Describe a global present day business

Describe a global present day business that has been under pressure to perform better due to competition from competitors and has transformed successfully using information sy

Stands convicted for the heinous murder

Fozze Bear, stands convicted for the heinous murder of Miss Piggy. Your supervising attorney is filing an appeal based, in part, on negative comments made by the prosecutor re

Investing heavily in employee perks ultimately pays off

Do you feel that investing heavily in employee perks ultimately pays off for a company? Would you feel the same way during hard economic times, when the pool of highly qualifi

Define the term criteria and examine two ways

Criteria are a critical part of the justification report assignment. This is an excellent forum to enlist the assistance of your classmates if you are having difficulty decidi

Think of other horrific events in recent history

Viktor Frankl (1905-1997), a survivor of Auschwitz, wrote: “If we present man with a concept of man which is not true, we may well corrupt him. When we present him as an autom

The effectiveness of controls be assessed in an organization

Analyze the four steps of the control process and explain how each step contributes to the control function. Describe the three types of controls. How can the effectiveness

Effective conflict resolution

Effective Conflict Resolution. For this multi-media assignment, watch the Tim Scudder Interview. Write a discussion response about a specific conflict you have experienced w

The nonalcoholic beverage industry is evolving one

The nonalcoholic beverage industry is an evolving one. Check out this research and determine the implications to your new product and if you have a new competitor already doin


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