Explain the divine command theory

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Explain the divine command theory and explain the three objections to this theory that proceed on the assumption that god does not have a reason for commanding what it commands. Also discuss the "Euthyphro argument" against this theory and explain how it is supposed to work . Be sure to discuss how the second premise of this argument might be modified in an attempt to avoid rejecting the divine command theory. Does the attempt succeed?

Reference no: EM13520560

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Genetically predisposed to live in groups

Claims that people are genetically predisposed to live in groups because social attachments enhanced the survival and reproductive success of our human ancestors. the professo

Step of the scientific method

Carlos has been observing that his dogs behave distinctly when they eat different foods. Since of what he has observed, he thought it would be cool to conduct a scientific e

Aspirational ethics and professional character

Two features of a more aspirational approach to ethics are of special importance. First,as Mike Martin notes, this more positive approach to engineering ethics has an import


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