Explain the difference between efficient and effective

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Explain the difference between efficient and effective. You are a manager at a textile mill in South Carolina. The company is relocating to a location in Southeast Asia. Discuss the implications of such a move with the internal and external stakeholders and explain which of the stakeholders will benefit and those that will not.

Reference no: EM131226668

Preparing aggregate production plans

A local company makes athletic clothing and they are preparing aggregate production plans on a quarterly basis for the coming year for their line of women's wear. They have th

About the current state of mobile technology

Imagine that you are the CEO at the firm that you wrote about in Assignment 1 (Mine was 7-11 convenience store).  You are preparing for a meeting with the firm's Chief Informa

Project earliest completion time in days

1. What is the project earliest completion time in days? Round your answer to the nearest integer. 2. What is the EST of activity g? Round your answer to the nearest integer.

Identify the various types of managed care plans

The paper is due at the end of this learning plan. The paper should be 2 to 3 pages in length. The paper is due by Sunday midnight at the end of the first week. The assignment

Global marketplace and market conditions in overseas market

Chipotle Mexican Grill, the American Mexican food chain restaurant, opened its first restaurant in the United States in 1993. In 2010, Chipotle opened its first restaurant in

Ultimately come down to survival of our gene pool

A group of psychologists argued that we need to revise Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs to replace "Self-actualization" with "Parenting". They claim that too many people see Maslow

Who are the stakeholders in the target breach

What is the responsibility of each stakeholder group in the breach? Does being in compliance with the law negate any charges of unethical behavior on Targets behalf? What can

Important role at both the strategic and tactical levels

How does the Quality Office play an important role at both the strategic and tactical levels in enabling the organization to strive for quality and performance excellence? The


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