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You have a solid A with an impurity B and you would like to purify A. Your initial? mixture is 80% A and 20% B (where A and B have the same molecular weight). As often occurs in organic chemistry, both the impurity and the desired component in a solid mixture may have similar solubilities. You use methanol as the solvent to recrystallize 10 g of the initial mixture and obtain 8 g of recrystallized product.

Assuming A and B have identical solubilities in methanol at all temperatures: What is the % composition of the recrystallized product?

Reference no: EM13556218

What will be the final temperature of the water

A 100.0-g sample of water at 27.0oC is poured into a 75.0-g sample of water at 89.0oC. What will be the final temperature of the water?

Explain the ionization constant for hclo

Calculate the pH for each of the following cases in the titration of 50.0 mL of 0.140 M HClO(aq) with 0.140 M KOH(aq). The ionization constant for HClO can be found here.

How much pure sulfuric acid should be added

Question- A 20 wt% solution of sulfuric acid in water is to be enriched to a 60 wt% sulfuric acid solution by adding pure sulfuric acid. (a) How much pure sulfuric acid shou

What would the production rate be from an oil well

You can assume that the average heat capacity of the geothermal water is 4,200 J/kg K and that the minimum useful temperature is 50°C and that crude oil has a heating value

Define the hydrolysis of one ester group in tannins by caco3

1. Write an equation describing the hydrolysis of one ester group in tannins by CaCO3. 2. How would longer roasting time of green coffee beans effect its caffeine content

Explain light bulb to glow brighter solutions of acetic acid

Solutions of hydrochloric acid caused the light bulb to glow brighter than solutions of acetic acid. How do you account for the difference in behavior between these two comp

How much heat is required to vaporize

The human body obtains 1091 kJ from a candy bar. If this energy were used to vaporize water at 100°C, how much water in liters could be vaporized? (Assume that the density o

Explain what would be the composition of the distillation

What temperature would be observed during the entire distillation. B) If a thermometer were immersed below the surface of the liquid of the boiling flask, what temperature w


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