Explain the customs service responsibilities

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How to import into the United States (Please answer all of questions detailed. Please.)

1. Just for fun, what is the history of the ward Tariff?

2. The Four-Step Entry Process - Please, explain each step and the responsibilities associated with   the Owner.

3. What is the first rule of importing?

4. Explain the Customs Service responsibilities

5. Explain the Harmonized System. At the international level, how many article descriptions are there? How many groups? And how many chapters?

6. Explain the difference between Import Quotas, Absolute Quotas and Tariff-rate Quotas.

7. Special Import regulations. Select one of the groups and explain what the regulations are for that specific group, also share the reasons why you selected that group.

8. What are your greatest concerns about importing? Why?

9. What is a GSP?

10. How do you feel about the GSP designation? Do you think it is fair? What suggestions do you have to help these nations?

Reference no: EM131280489

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