Explain the characteristics of experimental design

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1. What is strategy? Identify three types/levels of strategies. What are the characteristics of each? Please provide an example for each type of strategy.

2. Describe the use of analysis of variance (ANOVA) in analyzing experimental results. Further describe the use of a null hypothesis and why we use this concept to validate experiments.

3. Explain the characteristics of experimental design. If you were a Quality Manager, how would you use the concepts of vertical and horizontal balancing to ensure a sound experiment?

Reference no: EM132280985

Negligence receive the same benefit

What ethical difficulties, if any, arise out of the theory of "no-fault" workers' compensation statutes? Should an employee injured primarily by her own negligence receive t

Optimal production run quantity

The Ambrosia Bakery makes cakes for freezing and subsequent sale. The bakery, which operates five days a week, 52 weeks a year, can produce cakes at the rate of 116 cakes pe

Explain what a gap analysis

Explain what a "gap analysis" is including how gaps are defined and measured. Be sure to address how gap analysis relates to needs, requirements, design, project scoping, ev

How likely is edie to win negligence case against foods

How likely is Edie to win a negligence case against Foods for her injuries resulting from slipping on the peanuts? Why? The protesters want to sue the City for violation of th

Social-cultural political-legal and economic natural

In 2002, the Hispanic community's buying power in the state of Georgia grew to $4.7 billion as more Hispanics migrated to the state. This is an example of how changes in the _

Executive is using regression to predict total revenues

A healthcare executive is using regression to predict total revenues. She is deciding whether or not to include both patient length of stay and insurance type in her model. He

Formulate an inventory policy for the two products

Formulate an inventory policy for the two products with respect to order quantities, reorder level, safety stock and order interval. As part of this analysis, your decision ne

Important aspects of managing risk for a project

One of the most important aspects of managing risk for a project is to accurately define the size of the project. Determine the criteria that must be considered to perform the


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