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Assessment Task

Part A - Written Activity

Purpose - You will demonstrate a sound knowledge of the unit requirements in your responses.

Your task is to research the following topics then outline your findings in a report. Use the questions below as a guide to your research:

1. How might you identify your personal authorities and priorities for projects or operations?

2. Discuss the current options and trends in:
Performance analysis
Project and financial modelling
Engineering-related modelling and simulation software
Program and software validation techniques

3. Explain the budget and control measurement and analysis techniques that are suitable to use for the management of projects or operations.

4. Why is it important to develop the project plan and schedule from the project design activities?

5. How will you determine the availability of physical resources for projects or operations?

6. Explain how to determine and collate information about the availability of human resources and skills for engineering-related projects.

7. Discuss accountability for projects or operations as it applies to each of the following:
Audit, recording and implementation requirements
Tenders and contracts,
Schedules and budgets
Allocation of personnel and resources
Financial management procedures
Standard operating procedures, including maintenance procedures

8. Discuss what would be included in technical documentation management systems for each of the following:
Records of meetings
Communications and negotiations
Decisions and agreements with stakeholders

9. Identify the eight major sources of information and resources that can be obtained and used for the planning and management of engineering-related projects or operations.

10. Outline at least one approach for the management of contemporary contingencies and constraints.

11. Reflect on the following implications for engineering projects and operations that are associated with typical financial planning and accounting processes:
Capital flow and liquidity
Assets and liabilities
Balance sheet
Budgeting and cost control
Break-even analysis
Profit and loss
Financial record keeping procedures for expenditures

12. What are the typical legal requirements for engineering-related projects or operations? List at least five.

13. Identify the WHS requirements, codes of practice, regulations, standards and regulatory requirements which are relevant to the management of projects and operations.

14. Explain the requirements for risk management and reduction

15. What information can you obtain from current safe work methods statements and material safety data sheets (MSDS) to apply to work?

16. What work permits may be required for engineering-related projects or operations?

17. What is meant by professional and ethical practice?

18. Discuss the requirements and processes for tendering and contracts, including agreement on design and specification, negotiations and optimisations, provisions for variations, delays and penalties.

19. Discuss work organisation and management theory.

20. What are the conflict resolution and problem-solving techniques suitable to use in the workplace?

21. Outline at least one decision making process that could be used in the workplace.

Part B: Practical Activities

Purpose - You will demonstrate your skills and knowledge by completing a scenario-based case study and other relevant activities.To complete this project, you are required to complete the following tasks:

Task 1. Steven Chou, highlighted the need for putting a process in place for the recruitment of extra technical staff, including civil engineers, project management staff and general office staff.

Noting that he had started to map out an agile method of recruiting and hiring of the staff highlighting the reporting capabilities of the project, and how this would occur. It was in a draft from, you will need to supply a more succinct format for how ECA will recruit, hire and manage their staffing process. Supplying a hierarchy chart for the Project Owner Michael Peters. You should also include this chart in your communication document, ensuring that all staff are signed off as being trained

Task 2. Steven Chou, had started to compete a feasibility plan, which included a performance and a budget and finance model, that the owner could quickly refer to during the project. As this is on his computer, you will need to formulate your own performance and finance model. You should include measurement and analysis techniques. In the finance model you need to demonstrate cost control procedures including Profit and loss. Justifying the reason why you have done so

Task 3. ECA need to confirm these project objectives, and ensure that Michael Peters has considered any constraints with regard to budget, operations and quality. Prepare your findings and document these accordingly within the project plan.

Task 4. ECA - need to demonstrate that they are able to monitor the progress of the build, and how they are going to achieve this monitoring. ECA should supply a short-term schedule, including any contingencies that the project team believe need to be included. Considerations: Choosing of suppliers, and how you are going to monitor quality and continuous improvement.

Task 5. ECA - a procurement plan needs to be justified, which aligns with this project. It is not the construction companies' job to supply the equipment. As noted earlier all construction companies are busy with other builds. You will have to source, supply and plan out all technical equipment and associated costs required to complete the project

Task 6. ECA Engineering must ensure all construction activities are performed in accordance with national and local regulations, including standards mentioned in the requirements. You should also review and refresh the scope statement. As there has been around 6 months between the beginning of the project and now, you need to ascertain if the scope statement is robust enough. Justify your reasoning. Ensure that if any technical requirements are included. Include optimizations and provisions for variations.

Task 7. It is recommended that you amend the Work Packages to suit ECA. A Requirement is to use a software simulation package to determine the results of the project. You will need to demonstrate the package used, and justify why you chose that software package. List any problems or concerns. Include the simulation within the plan.

Task 8. You need to formulate a project communication document (appendix) so that the project team can communicate effectively. Demonstrate the benefits of doing so. All communications within your team needs to be recorded in accordance with your communication plan. Demonstrating your team adheres to your own plan.

Task 9. Within this plan you need to ensure that you include both internal and external monitoring and reporting. The management of the plan and how you are going to communicate this plan to all stakeholders.

Task 10. Analysis of environmental and cultural impacts on the site will be required. You will need to develop a process on how you will deal with such impacts. Predicting any problems that may arise. Document a recommendation to deal with the above impacts on the project. Justify your response, noting any major risks to the project itself. i.e What are the requirements for dealing with suspected Asbestos on a future restaurant site. Have you consulted with local stakeholders about the noted impacts?)

Task 11. You will need to prepare a case that is appropriate for the ECA project team based on technical skills and other requirements. You will need to draw up a matrix to demonstrate roles and responsibilities of all parties involved. As a group exercise, it is recommended that you include all the group communications regarding the project plan. It is recommended that you also follow your own recruitment guidelines, ensuring that all staff working on the project, have completed any

Part C: Questions & Answers

Purpose - You will demonstrate your skills and knowledge by addressing the following questions.

Follow the Instructions to the Student in the above table and answer the set of questions as advised by the trainer)

All the following topical questions should be answered:

The following questions may be answered verbally or in writing with your assessor or you may write down your answers. Please discuss this with your assessor before you commence. Short Answers are required which is approximately 4 typed lines = 50 words, or 5 lines of handwritten text.

Your assessor will take down dot points as a minimum if you choose to answer them verbally.

Answer the following questions either verbally with your assessor or in writing.

Topic 1. What do you need to ensure conformance with when establishing the budget and control measures for a project or operation, and when preparing the project/operations management plan?

Topic 2. What is included in the process of preparing a management plan for an engineering-related project or operation?

Topic 3. Discuss at least three of the actions to be undertaken as part of establishing and scoping the procurements requirements for an engineering-related project or operation

Topic 4. What types of technical advice and assistance might you establish a need for and source for engineering-related projects and operations? Identify at least two

Topic 5. Explain the different types of physical resource requirements that will need to be established for engineering-related projects and operations

Topic 6. What are the types of compliance and environmental requirements to be established for engineering-related projects and operations?

Topic 7. What are the types of modelling and analysis software it is appropriate to use for carrying out the modelling and calculations required for project and operations?

Topic 8. What is the process to be used for selecting a team that is appropriate for the task?

Topic 9. What actions might you use to establish communication within the team?

Topic 10. Why is important to include the team when reviewing and agreeing on the plans, schedules and requirements and assigning responsibilities?

Topic 11. List at least four examples of the other functional groups and expert support, you may establish, as required for the task

Topic 12. What information will you need to determine for the internal and external reporting requirements?

Topic 13. Explain each of the following to be established for engineering-related projects or operations:
a. Suppliers
b. Contractors
c. Delivery schedules

Topic 14. Why may you need to arrange for the recruitment and/or training of employees?

Topic 15. List four examples of operational records of to be monitored, reviewed and maintained against the project objectives, schedule, cost budget, and required quality outcomes for project accountability

Topic 16. What are the areas you will need to monitor, review and maintain records of regulatory compliance with?

Topic 17. What will you need to include when establishing the mechanisms to be used for managing constraints and contingencies?

Topic 18. Explain making adjustments to the short-term planning and schedules in response to project constraints and contingencies

Topic 19. What is it essential to manage the technical support, specialist and professionals' services throughout the project?

Topic 20. Discuss at least one methods that could be used to apply the principles of continuous improvement to the project implementation

Topic 21. List three examples of project outcomes you might document against the project requirements, as required

Topic 22. What steps will you need to supervise for the completion of the project

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This assignment is based on the case study provided regarding the business case.The case study includes the introduction to the project manager along with the notes from the previous project lead.Followed by this, the assignment requires 11 task questions to be answered based on the same case study, which the researcher has attempted.

Reference no: EM132233701

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Based on your learning experience in this unit, use the scales on the right to indicate the EXTENT of your agreement with the statements below by shading the boxes. Where 1 – Strongly Disagree 2 – Disagree 3 – Neutral 4 – Agree 5 – Strongly Agree


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Please answer the following questions regarding your experiences in this unit of study. For each question mark your responses by filling in the square that represents your thoughts. Take care to ensure that each of your responses is entered in the correct row. Please give thoughtful answers; your opinions are highly valued. Do not write your name or other identifying information on this sheet. Your responses will be completely anonymous and will be used to improve the quality of the unit.


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Assessment tasks are used to assess your understanding and knowledge of the overall unit of competency. When undertaking any written assessment tasks, please ensure that you address the following criteria: address each question including any sub-points. demonstrate that you have researched the topic thoroughly. cover the topic in a logical, structured manner. your assessment tasks are well presented, well referenced and submitted in a word document. you must submit the completed assessment to the assessor within the due date.

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