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You likely noticed that during the three hundred years covered in this week's study that religious art remained quite important just as it had been in earlier "art ages." There were monumental changes, however, in the way the religious subjects were depicted.

Use the textbook and/or online sources to locate and capture three works of religious art. All three pieces should be dealing with the same subject matter- for example, the Crucifixion, mother and child, or the Last Supper. Capture one image from each:

-the Early Renaissance period

-the High Renaissance period

-the Baroque period

Your works of art must either be all paintings or all sculptures.

Place these images in a Word document. Then do the following:

1. 1. Identify each image with the following information:

a. Name of the artist

b. Title of the work

c. Date of the work

d. Medium/materials used to create the work

e. Current location

2. In a well-developed paragraph (4-6 sentences) for each:

i. One to two important historical facts about each piece.

ii. Based on your personal observations, describe and analyze how the artist has used at least one of the artistic elements, such as color, composition, or use of light. You should focus on the same element for all 3 works.

2. In a 6-10-sentence concluding paragraph(s) discuss specifically how religious art has changed compared to each period and geographical region, and what may have been influencing factors behind these changes.

a. How has religious art changed compared to each, based on your observations as to how each artist used the art element you have focused on exploring?

b. What events in history may have been influencing factors behind these changes, and why?

c. Offer a citation of your sources for each image and the information provided as appropriate.

Reference no: EM13728998

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