Explain intuitively why for the model, logit

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For the example in Section 5.3.1, y = 0 at x = 10, 20, 30, 40, and y = 1 at x = 60, 70, 80, 90. \
a. Explain intuitively why for the model, logit(π) = α + βx.
b. Report and its SE for the software you use.
c. Add two observations at x = 50, y = 1 for one and y = 0 for the other. Report and its SE. Do you think these are correct? Why?
d. Replace the two observations in (c) by y = 1 at x = 49.9 and y = 0 at x = 50.1. Report and its SE. Do you think these are correct? Why?

Reference no: EM131038550

Find population standard deviation if sample mean is less

Suppose a random sample of size 64 is drawn from a population with a mean of 277. If 90% of the time the sample mean is less than 280, what is the population standard deviat

Discrete and continuous random variable

What is a discrete and continuous random variable? What is a probability distribution for a discrete random variable? Please provide examples to illustrate your answer? Plea

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For a simple random sample of n = 36 employees and x = the number of overtime hours worked last year, determine the z-score corresponding to each of the given sample means:

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How many bad seeds do you expect to get?- What's the standard deviation?- What assumptions did you make about the seeds? Do you think that assumption is warranted? Explain.

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Check the assumptions and conditions for inference on proportions. Find a 95% confidence interval for the true proportion of companies that provide health insurance benefits

Determining probability and independence

Age effects in medical care. The type of medical care a patient receives may vary with the age of the patient. A large study of women who had a breast lump investigated whet

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What item/s can be deleted to improve reliability, what items should never be deleted to maintain reliability of data and how many items need to be deleted to achieve maximum

What is the probability that six or more were male

For the period from 1918 to the present, in a random sample of 9 wolves spotted in the region, what is the probability that 6 or more were male.


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