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To use free-body diagrams to determine internal axial forces and to learn how to calculate axial normal stresses. When a theoretical cutting plane is passed through an axially loaded prismatic bar, perpendicular to the longitudinal axis of the bar, and one side is analyzed as a free-body diagram, there is a uniformly distributed force acting on the bar's cross section. This uniform force distribution represents the action of the part of the bar removed on the part remaining and must exist to maintain equilibrium. The force distribution is an intensity of the force, or the force per unit area at the cross section, called the normal stress. Is is "normal" because it acts perpendicular to the section and it is a "stress" because it is an intensity of force distributed over a section (or area).The axially loaded bar is fixed at A and loaded as shown. Draw a free-body diagram and determine the support reaction at A. On paper, draw a free-body diagram of the bar and determine the reaction at A for the bar to be in equilibrium. Assume that the unknown reaction at A acts in the negative x direction.

Reference no: EM13302187

Determine the variation of the peak soil friction angle

This Table gives the standard penetration numbers determined from a sandy soil deposit in the field. Depth (m) 3.0, 4.5, 6.0, 7.5, 9.0, 10.5, 12. Unit weight of soil Kn/M^3

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For a concrete column that is part of a braced frame, if the column is square, tied, 18 inches per side, 16 feet long, classify the column as slender or non slender. Assume th

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ASM International, an Australian steel company, claims that a savings of 40% of the cost of stainless steel threaded bar can be achieved by replacing machined threads with p

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The vertical velocity of the box at the time that it hits the surface is v= 5m/s. After impact the camera experiences an acceleration of a = -kx, where k is a constant and x

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A quality of water within a piston-cylinder assembly executes a Carnot power cycle. During isothermal expansion, the water is heated from saturated liquid at 50 bar until it i

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The motors driving the capstans at the die exits can each deliver 1.50 hp at 90% efficiency. Determine the maximum possible speed of the wire as it exits the second die.


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