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Using the information available at the SEC''s website or any other authoritative source, describe how the SEC is structured.
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SEC, The Securities Exchange Commission consists of five commissioners who are appointed by the US President. They have a maximum term of five consecutive years along with four divisions, nineteen offices and 3800 staff. The headquarters of SEC is in Washington. Each division of SEC is responsible for the duties segregated among them. The divisions are also responsible for the operating, regulatory and legal decisions. The voluntary decisions taken by the SEC and the process of investigation is the main purpose for which SEC is structured. A civil action can also come into force in US district, on the other hand it does not have any criminal authority.

SEC comprises of a director who is the Director and Chief Economist along with three general officers namely Scott W. Bauguess Jennifer Marietta Westberg etc. It has eight specialized offices like office of Asset Management, Financial intermediaries, Litigation Economics, Markets, Research and data services, Corporate Finance, structured disclosure and risk assessment.

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