Explain how supply chains are structured
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Critical Thinking Questions

To assess your ability to:

• Explain how supply chains are structured and also discuss logistics innovation.

• Describe different way in which an organization may choose a supply chain and logistics management to compete in the marketplace.

• Explain the need to align an organization's logistic management capabilities with competitive priorities.

• Review the attach research papers and critically write a conclusion and recommendations in your way of understanding( 150 words ).

Action Items

• Complete the above questions by reading and analyzing the attach research papers .

Use additional resources such as your textbook, journal articles, or online resources to support your position by rephrasing and paraphrasing that information. To directly COPY and PASTE information from any resources is considered plagiarism and is prohibited.

Write minimum1-2 page for every question to elaborate your answers .

All answers should be based on students own understanding.s

Bring your answers to class for discussion.

Submission Instructions

• Complete and submit this assignment at the end ofweek-7and also fallow the concerned instructor instructions.

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