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Q. Doc's bar serves lots of beer, but also carries fine single malt whiskeys. He approximates his annual demand for a certain whiskey to be 1000 cases (he sells a lot of whiskey). His approximate d cost to carry 1 case of whiskey is $52 dollars per case per year. He approximates that it costs $21 to place a whiskey order. Explain how many cases should doc order each time he places an order?


Reference no: EM1374556

Draw a graph illustrating the crossover or difference points

Stan Fawcett's company is considering producing a gear assembly that it now purchases from Salt Lake Supply, Inc. Salt Lake Supply charges $4 per unit with a minimum order o

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Explain merger and acquisition strategies and how they relate to strategic competitiveness. Discuss the mergers and acquisitions that the UFC has made? How have these increase

What is the economic order quantity

What is the economic order quantity? How does your answer change if the holding cost doubles? What if the holding cost drops in half?

Ethical and sustainable business management decision

The Legal. Ethical, and Sustainable Business Management Decision You are the production manager for a small manufacturing firm. One product being made involves the use of toxi

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Businesses big and small are tweeting to inform the world about their companies. By asking the question "What's happening?," Twitter allows users to tell their followers about

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If the innovation process introduces improvements, how are conservative firms successful if innovation has to be forced? Between conservative and entrepreneurial firms, what c

Which machine should the bank rent

Then determine the cost to the bank (in lost interest) for each hour that a check spends waiting for and undergoing processing. Assuming that interarrival times and service

Level of competitiveness in the luxury goods industry

Use the five(5) forces framework to determine the level of competitiveness in the luxury goods industry. Speculate on the likely profit potential of the luxury goods industry,


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