Explain how inheritance of dishevelled influences

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Explain how inheritance of Dishevelled influences the movement of the micromere cells (ingression and migration) and their differentiation in sea urchin development.

Reference no: EM13157483

What is the association constant for the peptide

The following kon and koff rates for the interaction of antibody (IgG) and a 40 amino acid peptide were determined via surface plasmon resonance (a Biacore machine) to be: k

Which cell structures in the algae would vital to disposal

Alyssa was an atmospheric scientist concerned that the earth's climate may be warming due to excessive carbon dioxide accumulation. She was exploring ways to reduce carbon d

Objective questions based on biology

At room temperature, equilibrium potential of K+ in a cell with internal concentration of K+ 10 fold higher than that of external concentration will be approximately.

Discuss all the details about them including scientific name

The paper needs to cover the 4 major Organic Polymers. You need to discuss all the details about them including scientific names, common names, chemical makeup, function, lo

Earth can be traced back to one single source

Most biological energy here on Earth can be traced back to one single source: the sun. Plants and blue-green algae use photosynthesis to trap the electromagnetic wave energy g

What is the meaning of malt

what is the meaning of MALT,is it mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue,mean amylase/lipase turnover,mucosal absorbtion of lipids and triglycerides,marginally accetable lactose

Propose an explanation for this woman vision pattern

A woman whose father is color blind possess one eye with normal color vision anmd one eye with color blindness. Propose an explanation for this woman's vision pattern.

What theory explains the type of pain experienced

Several months ago, a young woman fell while rock climbing and her left leg was wedged tightly into a crevice. The resulting injury was severe and required amputation below th


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