Explain how agricultural price supports work

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1. Explain how agricultural price supports work and what the effects of the supports are.

2. What are the effects of an increase in the minimum wage? who would be most affected?

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Reference no: EM131244275

You have two types of customers high end and low end type

Suppose as a manager of a profitable department store you are con-fronted with a pricing problem. You have two types of customers: a high-end type that are willing to pay a pr

What is the firms short-run fixed cost

If a firm’s short-run average total cost function and its short run variable cost function satisfy: SAC(200, w, r, K) = 16, SAVC(200, w, r, K) = 12, SAVC(400, w, r, K) = 16, a

Which do you believe is the most effective strategy

In order to reduce the unemployment rate jobs must be created... new jobs! Both the Federal Reserve and government have proposed a number of solutions and programs in order to

Describe by the supply and demand model

Consider our competitive market, describe by the supply and demand model. If there are no externalities, explain why economists describe the competitive equilibrium an efficie

Illustrate the approximate supply-demand shifts

Explain following statement using supply-and-demand diagrams: “When weather turns warm in New England every summer, the price of hotel rooms in the Caribbean resorts plummets.

Hierarchies will predominate in physical capital intensive

It has been suggested that large, tall hierarchies will predominate in physical capital intensive industries, and these will typically have seniority-based promotion policies.

What was the problem with his measure of utility

Economicsts first proposed measuring utility with a unit of measure termed a util. What was the problem with his measure of utility? The fact that as we consume more of good w

Designed to promote competition-improve market efficiency

In principle, the antitrust laws are designed to promote competition and improve market efficiency. Given the work by Williamson (1968) and Demsetz (1973), explain why these l


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