Explain equation for the formation of 2-phenylbenzothiazole

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Question- Write out an overall equation for the formation of 2-phenylbenzothiazole and water from the reaction of N-phenylbenzothiamide and oxygen (you should include the catalytic ruthenium complex and DBU base and solvent above the reaction arrow) Do not include the by-product N-phenylbenzamide in the balanced equation.

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Reference no: EM13712902

Calculate thephat the equivalence point in titrating

A) Calculate thepHat the equivalence point in titrating 0.120Msolutions of each of the following with 8.0×10-2MNaOH. hydrobromic acid (HBr) chlorous acid (HClO2) benzoic ac

What is the molarity of a hcl solution

What is the molarity of a HCl solution if the reaction of 200 mL of the HCl solution with excess CaCO3 produces 14.0 L of CO2 gas at 725 mmHg at 18 degree celsius.

Explain resonance structure to another the electrons

Which of the following is true of the individual resonance structures which contribute to a resonance hybrid? a) each resonance structure actually exists b) each resonance s

Explain mastering chem keeps marking

What are the values of [SO42- ], [Pb2+ ], and [Sr2+ ] in a solution at equilibrium with both substances? the answer is not 5.*10^-4 or 7.94*10^-4 because mastering chem keep

Explain what is the energy for one mole

A laser is emitting photons with a wavelength of 375.0 nm. Explain what is the energy for one mole of these photons? For Planck's constant, use a value of 6.626x10-34 J s.

Explain tin reacts with hydrochloric acid

Tin reacts with hydrochloric acid to produce hydrogen gas and tin (II) chloride. How many liters of hydrogen gas are produced at 27.0 degrees C, and a pressure of 710 torr i

Calculate the mass of coke

Iron is produced by heating iron(III) oxide with carbon (in form of coke) to give iron and carbon dioxide. Calculate the mass of coke needed to react completely with 1kg iro

Explain zincon detection of zinc and copper

For detection using Fluozin-3, what is the excitation wavelength that should be used. For Zincon detection of zinc and copper, what pH range agent do, and why would it be us


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