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What? You Tweeted THAT?

The modern workplace is a potential digital minefield. The imprudent use of practically any online tool-whether e-mail, IM, texting, tweeting, blogging, or posting to Facebook-can land workers in hot water and even lead to dismissal. Here are five ways Twitter can get you canned for showing poor judgment:

1. Sending hate tweets about the boss. Example: My idiot boss said he put in for raises. I think he lies. He is known for that. His daddy owns the company.

2. Lying to the boss and bragging about it. Example: I so lied to my boss... I was late but I said I forgot my badge and got away with it.

3. Romancing the boss (kissing and telling). Example: I give the boss what he wants, and the fringe benefits are amazing.

4. Announcing the desire to quit. Example: So close to quitting my job right now. Sometimes I can't [expletive] stand this place [expletive] moron assistant plant manager I'm about to deck him.

5. Blocking your boss. Example: i kept my promise... my boss thought she was gonna follow me on here... i BLOCKED her [expletive] ASAP.

Your Task: Discuss each violation of Twitter best practices, or summarize in general why these tweets are potentially damaging to their authors. How could the Twitter users have handled their grievances more professionally? Comment on the style of these questionable tweets. If your instructor requests, summarize your observations in an e-mail message or an online post.

Reference no: EM131447346

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