Explain different social and religious values and cultures

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You are planning to expand your fast-food hamburger franchise internationally and have decided to open in the United Arab Emirates, Israel, Mexico and China. Knowing that all of these countries and its people have different cultures, customs, beliefs, values and attitudes that are unique to their country and different from that of the United States, consider how this would impact your fast-food business. What are some of the considerations to keep in mind concerning how these different social and religious values and cultures have on food preparation and eating, the social behaviors to be sensitive to regarding employees and customers, the type of trainings that will be required, the work attitudes and behaviors, and any ethical standards that you may need to develop? Are the attitudes in these countries individualistic or collective?

Reference no: EM13217215

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Name and discuss four cultural areas that will cause differences in the negotiation strategies that you and your Chinese partners use. How will you try to overcome these dif

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Your paper should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the ideas and concepts that are presented in the course and provide new thoughts and insights relating directly to

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What persuasive techniques and communication channels did you use. Based on this week's lesson, how would you initiate that communication differently, if you were to do it ag

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What factors make management's task of setting an advertising budget difficult? Why is it important that the advertising media and creative departments work closely together?


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